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Academic Project

Aller Technologies specializes in providing training and consulting for the Information Technology Industry. All instructors use the official vendor curriculums for their courses, along with using live company projects to enhance the usability of the training material. It is through this method of education that our students have been able to move on to high-level professions inside the IT industry. We prepare students by delivering hands-on job oriented training which teaches them how to apply the knowledge that they gain in classes along with preparing them to pass the vendor based certification exams, which build confidence and assist individuals to apply for a job in the IT industry. In our computer training class we provide quality training and career guidance to every Student.

Aller Technologies is helping business leaders and individuals incorporate the efficiency of leading software into their workplaces through hands-on training. The key to our student’s success comes from our small classes and flexible schedules, giving students the options and time necessary to learn. We have on-site training for companies with larger staffs.

Business Solutions:

Aller Technologies is dedicated to helping companies find the right Computer courses and Java services for their business. We strive to be the finest resource available, allowing our clients to achieve the best practical hands-on training or IT solutions Clients want technology to work efficiently and simply. Aller Technologies helps your company move in the right direction with the right solution.

Java Training

Following are courses now offered at Aller Technologies :

Java Concepts and Principles:

• Fundamentals of Java programming language

    1.. Basic concepts Java
    2.. Object Oriented concepts
    3.. Interface, Class, Abstract class and Objects
    4.. Overriding and overloading
    5.. Exceptions
    6.. Multi threading concepts
    7.. Java reflection
    8.. IO Streams
    9.. Strings and collection framework
    10. JDK 1.5 features

• Eclipse- IDE Java application development tool • Tomcat- webserver • Ant and Maven- Application build tools • Database Concepts • Java server side technologies